"GMM is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(MC UCITS 2/13)"
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Description of Mutual Fund Fund accompanying documents

Mutual Fund particulars

Name: GMM Kolona Balanced Fund
Category: Balanced Fund
License Number: Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission UCITS license 02/78
An investment compartment of the “GMM FUNDS” mutual fund
License Date: 01/11/2013
Investment Risk: 5 (of 7)
Custodian : Eurobank Cyprus Ltd
Benchmark Euribor 3-m + 200 bps

Investment objective

The mutual fund’s investment objective is to achieve competitive returns over the medium- to long-term, by investing assets in a balanced manner in a diversified portfolio of corporate and sovereign bonds, equities and deposits, both in European markets and other international markets. Returns will come from added value and capital gains, and from income in the form of dividends, interest coupons and interest. The mutual fund may acquire a high degree of exposure to a foreign currency in order to improve the expected return.

Target Group

The mutual fund aims at medium- to long-term investors with an investment horizon over 3 years, wishing to enjoy both capital gains and periodic income by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities, and corporate and sovereign bonds. Investors in this Fund must be willing to assume a high level of investment risk.

Past performance

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